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Six abstract boardgames in one box for 2 players aged 8 years and up

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    "tactic Blue" is a collection of 6 abstract games by 3 different authors. All of the games are played on a two sided board, using hex grid side or square grid side.

    Accasta, Abande and Attangle are games designed by Dieter Stein and are part of his stacking games trilogy.

    Attraktion, a game by Jaroslav Cichocki, uses pull force (attraction) in movement to form a winning condition.

    Alva, designed by Alvydas Jakeliunas, is like a souped up version of checkers.

    Last game included is a classic international checkers.

    Size of board:

    For checkers tournaments the size of the board should be between 35cm x 35cm and 45cm x 45cm.
    One piece should be 7mm - 14mm smaller than the length of one square.

    But the board of tactic blue collection is just 31cm x 31cm what is not enough for official tournaments.
    The difference between a single piece (about 20mm) and a square (about 28mm) is 8 mm and just enough.
  15-45 Minutes
Designer: Dieter Stein
Jaroslaw Cichocki
Alvydas Jakeliunas
Graphics:   Dieter Stein
Günter Cornett

version in metal case
tactic blue tactic blue - reviews tactic blue
tactic blue
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