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*Just to make sure of one last point:* Ken Hill interviewed Günter Cornett by email (converting animals into equipment - end of game - 2/3-player board - pick up a second inuk)

random piece setup: question from Clay Blankenship and answer

double move: question from Rob van Wijngaarden and answer

ice crack - double move - end of game: three questions from Josh Bluestein and answer

Every igloo is everyone's home. oops, there were some questions left after Ken Hills interview

Clay B. Blankenship wrote:

... Does anyone know if the piece setup is supposed to be as shown in the German rules (exactly) or random? ...


Clay B. Blankenship
Texas A&M Dept. of Meteorology
URL ""
Hi Clay,
The pieces can be placed randomly, if you notice that - as far as possible - you don't place the inuit and the whales next to an igloo or an inuk next to a whale. So first place the inuit and the whales in this way, and then the other stones randomly. (The 2-player-setup shows a whale next to an iglo, but it's a corner field blocked by a white bear. The 3-player-setup shows an inuk at this field not blocked, but the inuit are far away from the whales).

regards , Guenter

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Rob van Wijngaarden wrote:

Hello Bambus

I bought your Nanuuk! Game in Essen this year and we all enjoy it very very much. Thanks for this great game. We have one question though:

We you use the huskie and the sledge to make two moves, are you then allowed to hunt twice? In other words, can I catch an animal on both the normal move AND the extra move?

My compliments on your website, it is very interesting.

Yours, RoB

Hi Rob,

thanks for enjoying Nanuuk! and your good words.

Double move is meant as a whole double turn. If possible you do all double: double move, double hunt, double crack.

Perhaps another point isn't clear: You must have (and change!) dog and sledge at the beginning of your double move!
Not allowed in a double move: go without dog-sledge into an igloo, then take dog-sledge (for fish and walrus) and move again by using THIS dog-sledge.

But possible is a good planned triple-move:
1.move: change your dog-sledge to begin your double move.
First step: Go into an igloo. There take a new dog-sledge (for fish and walrus).

2.move: use your new dog-sledge to begin the next double move.
Second step: leave the igloo.
Third step: ...

So these are my original rules (But of course it's possible to change them by agreement.)

Tschoe , Guenter

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Josh Bluestein schrieb:

I have just played Nanuuk! for the first time and have a few questions about the game play.

1) When a hunter moves into an igloo, does the ice crack?

    Answer: Yes, at every move the ice cracks.

2) When a hunter uses the sledge and dog to move twice, does the ice crack twice? Can they hunt twice? Or is it just a double move?

    Answer: Double move is meant as a whole double turn. If possible you do all double: double move, double hunt, double crack.

3) When the final animal is hunted, how long do the hunters have to return to the igloos? Does it have to be reachable with a single move, or does there just have to exist a path that can eventually be traversed?

    Answer: They have the time they need. The game ends when nobody wants to move. If there is a path all players have to agree that the path cannot be blocked. If they don't agree the hunter has to demonstrate how to move back (because a path may be blocked by his or other players moves).

    best regards, Günter

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 referring to dialogue between Ken Hill and Guenter Cornett: 

John Christensen wrote:

Gunter, you are to be commended on continuing the dialogue between Ken Hill and you as well as others to clarify the rules of Nanuuk. Three of us played the game this week and liked the mechanics.

However, a puzzling question (with parts) remains that was not answered on the Internet so far:
    Answer: Thanks for your request. I thought Ken's interview cleared it up. But it seems to become a never ending story :-). Well, I'll do my very best.

Must you take all of your animals back to your home igloo to receive victory points?
    Answer: no, _all_ animals you _hunted_ score for you.
Is your home igloo considered "the" igloo as opposed to "an" igloo?
    Answer: _an_ igloo is right. Every igloo is everyone's home. (but of course they're different fields - you cannot beam from on igloo hex to another igloo hex)
Can you trade any of your animals at "an igloo" or always return to the home igloo (the one where you started the game)?
    Answer: You've to reach _an_ igloo to leave the hunted animals and take equipment. [In former times and maybe even now he inuit hunt for survival not for profit. So winner of the game is the best hunter, not the *richest* one. It's important what you do not what you have] Thanks you very much for your hints.

    best regards, Guenter

rules Nanuuk! Nanuuk!-reviews
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deutscher Text zu Nanuuk!
text: the inuit - hunter of the arctic
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