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New tactic board game based on checkers for 2-4 players aged 8 years and up


    More than just checkers

    The players try to move high value pieces into the center squares of the board and/or to eliminate opponents pieces.

    Moving and capturing are like in checkers, however there are some interesting twists:

    Players can move over their own stone to built a defense more carefully.

    Each player of a team has an own area at his site to move the common pieces diagonally forward. A piece moved into the partners area can be moved again by that player's partner - sometimes before the attacked opponent can act.

    There is also a small common area in the center (line of 11 spaces at Lanko 103, 10 spaces at Lanko 88). Pieces in this area can be moved by each partner and therefor in any of four directions.

    Lanko is available in two different issues (see boxes at right). Both includes the variants Lanko 88 and Lanko 103.


    Lanko 103

    From the first move on you are right in the middle of the game.

    Lanko 103
Lanko: faltbarer Spielplan
Lanko, folded board

This box includes:
  • 1 folded board, double-side printed;
  • for each color: 24 simple pieces, 2 small towers, 2 big towers.

Lanko: Holzrahmen
Lanko, Checkers and International Draughts,
board with wooden frame

This box includes 2 boards with wooden frame, each double-side printed (picture below). Additionally to the boards for Checkers and International draught there are rules of Alva and 10 more pieces of each colour to play Alva (added since 2007).
Lanko 88
Sorry, the graphics don't show the original pieces, which are made of wood

Lanko 88

At Lanko 88 you move orthogonally.

But what is orthogonally on a round game board with less spaces in the center?

Really twisted moves!


    Size of board:

    For tournaments the size of the board should be between 35cm x 35cm and 45cm x 45cm.
    One piece should be 7mm - 14mm smaller than the length of one square.

    But this board is just about 31cm x 31cm what is not enough for official tournaments.
    The difference between a single piece (about 15mm) and a square (about 28mm) is about 13 mm and just enough.
Since October 2006 Bambus Spieleverlag is distributor for Germany.
  Duration: 30-60 MinutesDesigners: Andrzej Korczak
Krystyna Korczak Landowska

Lanko - reviews Lanko: Links Lanko
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