2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Nominee  
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A tactic gamefor 3 - 4 players of 12 years and up

- Duration: 90 minutes -
- Number of games: 330 Stück -
This Kanaloa.Bambus is not the same game as the Kanaloa published by Tilsit

Twelve islands -
but no bridges,

Five gods -
but no peace

A small group of islands anywhere south of Hawaii

The 4 players go from island to island to pick up fruits to give them to the gods.

  • Kanaloa, god of the sea and the wind
  • Ku, god of war
  • Pele, goddess of fire - her anger causes volcanoes to erupt
  • Lono, god of fertility (as well as peace, recreation and the weather)
  • Above al there is Kane god of life and the sun.
 Designer: Günter Cornett Graphics Designer: Claudius Schönherr 

Ku - Gott des Krieges und der Heilkunst

Between the islands are arrows to move in one direction. One side of an arrow shows the players color (only this player may move) the other no color (every player may move). After every move the arrow is turned to the other color.

The gods help the player who gave him most fruits: to move (turn direction or color of an arrow), to steal (of course from another player), to determine a vulcanic eruption (the players near the vulcanic eruption loose a turn), to pick up better fruits.

The theme and design is near Kahuna / Arabana-Ikibiti, but it's another game; it's more for gamers than for families. So we'll make only 200 games.

More Info at Mik Svellovs

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deutscher Text über Kanaloa

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