Games of other Companies

Lanko Lanko (Lanko)

abstract taktik game

for 2-4 players
of 8 years and up

October 2006

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Designers: Andrzej Korczak
Krystyna Korczak Landowska

++ more than just checkers
++ good team playing
-- simple box

Hey! That's my Fish!
(German cover)
Hey! That's my Fish! (Phalanx)

Tactical game

for 2 players
of 8 years and up

Oktober 2005

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Designer: Alvydas Jakeliunas and Günter Cornett
Graphics: Francois Bruel

++ 2006 recommendation list German 'Spiel des Jahres'
++ 2006 Nomination game of the year in Finnland
++ 2006 Bruno - Bruno Faiduttis game of the year

Kahuna (KOSMOS)

tactical game

for 2 players
of 10 years and up

October 1998

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Designer: Günter Cornett
Graphics: Graphics Studio Krüger

++ 1999 on the 'Spiel des Jahres'-list
++ Kahuna is published by KosmosRio Grande Games,
    Tilsit Editions999 Games, Laserplus and Paperiyagi

Kanaloa Kanaloa (Tilsit)

tactical game

for 3-4 players
of 10 years and up

October 2003

Duration: 60 minutes

Designer: Günter Cornett
Graphics: Carsten Fuhrmann

++ 'Kahuna for four' (was: Arabana-Opodopo)
       published by Tilsit

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