New Games: October 2011

So Ein Zirkus Welcome to the circus

Memory and tactics

for 2-4 players
of 6 years and up

October 2011

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Designer: Volker Schäfer
Graphics: Christof Tisch

++ good to play together for children and adults
++ good wooden material

Gurami - das Spiel Gurami - the game

3 games about magical puzzle

for 1-3 players
of 9 years and up

October 2011

Duration: 15-30 minutes

Designer: Klaus-Peter Rudolph
Graphics: Martin Hoenicke

Gurami - das neue Zahlenrätsel Gurami

(German puzzle book)

Age: 10 years and up


May 2011

Author: Klaus-Peter Rudolph
               Hans-Friedrich Bauch

Graphics: Martin Hoenicke


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