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Bluff and taktics !                      for 2 to 8 players of 10 years up  

Autoscooter - If you break, you lose.
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Crash as crash can...

Of course, the objection is to crash the cars of the other players as often and as hard as possible.

First all players choose simultaineously direction, speed and a turn number.
Then they move one after another.

The player who is crashed loses points and - sometimes - his orientation.

For more fun at your first game, please, read these First game hints.

Download: log sheets (PDF 280 KB)

The second issue of Autoscooter contains a board of leatherette instead of wood.

Duration: 60 minutes  -  Designer: Günter Cornett  -  Graphics: Christof Tisch

First game hints
Autoscooter Reviews German text about Autoscooter

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