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Hints for the beginning

The character of the game strongly varies depending on the number of players.

Itīs easiest to start with 6 - 8 players, because every player controls only one car. The options where to move are quite clear.

Because possible moves of many players have to be considered, there is plenty of coincidence. If all players play Autoscooter for the first time, you canīt even be sure that the other players see what is the best move for them. If you are playing among more experienced players there is much less room for coincidence.

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First of all the best tactics are: donīt get rammed; take care, wait for the mistakes of others (donīt make any yourself).

Get the car in a position from where you can easily reach the middle of the board, but only move to the middle to score.

If another car is within reach and cannot get away, ram it at the highest possible speed. Thatīs worth it in most cases even though you may be in danger of getting rammed yourself afterwards. In the worst case you are loosing about as many points as you have been winning; at best you are only winning points.

A car cannot get away when your opponents smallest still available turn sequence number in the log sheet is bigger than one of yours. Therefore it is important to use the very small numbers in the order-of-movement-chart only if it is absolutely necessary (ramming or escape). The very big numbers arenīt unimportant neither, because there are situations in which you would like to give precedence to another car. . So one starts the first moves choosing middle numbers in the log sheet.

A clear ticking off of the used up numbers (also those of your opponents) is indispensable: First of all write down your choosen letter next to the number in the log sheet. When the other players are telling their numbers mark them with a dot. When a player has been making his move clearly cross out number and letter.

For choosing the suitable letter you can hold the car chart in the same direction as your car above the game-board (but please not everybody at the same time). Even I already crashed into the wall, because I did confuse left and right.


In a game with 3 or 4 players everybody has got two cars. One can plan more carefully, coordinate the moves of both cars. Especially when there are some numbers in the order-of-movement-chart used up, this results in certain constraints and other players could take advantage of that.

In a game with two players there are a plenty of possibilities, so the playing-time can easily extend up to 90 minutes. Even though it happens that itīs less your opponents smartness but rather your own carelessness that leads to your defeat. Afterwords you often find out: certain moves were predictable

I neglected the game with five players here. If you are playing without the additional rule it is very easy, but there is nothing going on, because there are only five cars on the board. Something for those who love a very easy start. If you are playing with the additional rule the handling is as extensive as in a game with three or four players.

First game hints
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