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5th May 02   Kanaloa: Easy missed rules


    2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Nominee Kanaloa on YEAR 2002 LIST OF FINALISTS

    "The Strategy Gaming Society has announced the finalists for the 2002 Gamers' Choice Awards, a set of awards which recognizes outstanding strategy board games in three categories...

    -> General Strategy Games, Multi-Player:
    • Capitol by Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum with Schmidt Spiele
    • Die Händler von Genua by Rudiger Dorn with Alea/Rio Grande
    • Evo by Philippe Keyaerts with Euro Games
    • Funkenschlag by Friedemann Friese with 3F
    • Kanaloa by Guenter Cornett with Bambus Spieleverlag
    • Liberté by Martin Wallace with Warfrog
    • Medina by Steffan Dorra with Hans im Glück/Rio Grande
    • Müll + Money (Industrial Waste) by Jurgen Strohm with Hans im Glück/RioGrande
    • Pampas Railroads by Martin Wallace with Winsome Games
    • San Marco by Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum with Ravensburger/Rio Grande
    • Volldampf by Martin Wallace with TM Spiele
    • Wyatt Earp by Richard Borg & Mike Fitzgerald with Alea/Rio Grande
    -> General Strategy Games, Two-Player:
    -> Historical Simulation Games
    Complete text, further information about the games and reviews you'll find at (news April 12, 2002) or at ~sgs/wizzu.html.

9th March 02   Kanaloa - second issue

    Because of the first 200 Kanaloa games are sold out in February (when a great review in counter magazine was published) we decided to make 100 more. They'll be available before april 02.

    (Please notice: we published the number of Kanaloa games we made, but we didn't say that we limited it to 200. This rumor bases in misinterpretations of our public statement by a few (in october 2001 very busy) webmasters and is not true. Sorry, we want that players buy Kanaloa because they like it, not because it's rarely.)
9th March 02   EURO: games cheaper, but shipping ...

    By changing the prices from DM into Euro we reduced them a little bit for all our games: -0,03 Euro (Nanuuk!) to -1,45 Euro (Autoscooter).

    Unfortunately the Deutsche Post AG changed the conditions of their FREEWAY parcels so that the shipping costs for international orders increased to 15,- Euro (Europe) and 27,- Euro (World).
9th March 02   TWILIGHT-online

28th Nov.01   Kanaloa: rules translation available

4th Oct.01   Games fair Essen: New release

    Our new game Kanaloa ist a tactical game for 2-4 players of 12 years and up with very nice graphics. More for gamers than for families.

4th Oct.01   Games fair Essen: Actions

    As every year wie join the Kleinverlagsralley of Spielerei. At the booths you've to solve a problem or do something.

    There is a new action from Hall9000 Gewinnspiel-Aktion. Have a look at (our) games and win...

4th Oct.01   Games fair: Spieleregal

    At our Bambus Spieleverlag-booth you can get games of these companies:
    Also you can get the (german) Spieleregal-catalogue (games of small publishers).

29th Jun.01  Kahuna got 'Golden JesWeb'

In June 2001 Kahuna got the french Golden JesWeb as the best 2 player game. It's a small price of Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe.

He wrote:

    Golden JesWeb " I give this prize to a few great games, which is only an indication of widely appreciated, original, funny, replayable, and not too long game.

    The only games that received the Golden JesWeb are: Kahuna (Tilsit in France), Quoridor (by Gigamic), Vinci, Corruption, Savannah Café (the 3 by Jeux Descartes/Eurogames), Wyatt Earp (Alea), and the Settler of Catan (Kosmos/Jeux Descartes in France)."

The complete review is written in french language, but on Golden JesWeb-site it'll be translated automatically by programm.

15th Dec. 00   Please have a look at our new release Welcome To The Circus ! The english pages are updated now.

17th Oct. 00  We've just upgraded the box of Autoscooter. If you buyed a box last year you can get a new box for free at our booth No 1262 at the Essen fair (26th to 29th October 2000 in Essen, Germany).

12th Oct. 00  Please have a look on

  • our new cover of Nanuuk!. A new design and a better box causes a new price DM 47,-.
  • the cover of 'Der Garten des Sonnenkönigs' - our old Le Jardin, now published by Noris Spiele.
A few old issues of Nanuuk! and Le Jardin are still available.

18th Sep. 00  New game: Welcome to the Circus (German: So ein Zirkus) for children of 6 years and up. Have a look at cover (78 KB) und box (74 KB) (designer: Volker Schäfer, graphics: Christof Tisch)

18th Sep.00  The Spieleregal - a catalogue for retailers, german language, common published by about 20 game companies available at the Essen fair in October 2000.

19th Aug.00   Le Jardin goes Noris-Spiele
As Im Garten des Sonnenkönigs Günter Cornetts Le Jardin will be published in October by Noris-Spiele. You can get it directly from the designer at the stand of the Bambus Spieleverlag.

The price of the original Le Jardin is reduced instantly from DM 75,- to DM 35,-.

14th Apr.00   Visit from Japan

 Visit from Japan

In February 2000 the japanese gamer Toyohiro Wabuchi was invited by AZA-Spiele to join their Turfmaster- tournament. One day Toyo visited Bambus Spieleverlag in Berlin.
Toyohiro Wabuchi and Günter Cornett at Brandenburger Tor So we meet us at Zoologischer Garten, he got a view of Berlin and showed me the card game Miura which he brought to me from Japan.

Toyo is the nice guy who introduced our Flaschenteufel card game (from USA) to Tokyo. In 1998 Toyo mailed me fotos of a very surprising Flaschenteufel- construction. "I'd like not to cut the hexagon, ..." he told me by mail. See the construction- fotos!

Best card game 1998:

Twilight placed fifth

    à la carte Kartenspielpreis bestes Kartenspiel 1998*) by game magazin FAIRPLAY
    1. CAESAR & CLEOPATRA (Wolfgang Lüdtke/Kosmos)
    2. David & Goliath (Reinhard Staupe/Berliner Spielkarten)
    3. Canyon (Frederick A. Herschler/Abacus)
    4. Schnäppchen Jagd (Uwe Rosenberg/Queen)
    5. Twilight (Wolfgang Werner/Bambus)
    6. Res Publica (Reiner Knizia/Queen)
    7. Finale (Oliver Abendroth/Kosmos)
    8. Stimmt so (Dirk Henn/Queen)
    9. Family Business (Darwin P. Bromley/Welt der Spiele)
    10. Dumm gelaufen (Hajo Bücken/F.X. Schmid)
    The annually à la carte Kartenspielpreis is based on an inquiry of 40 experts organized by the game magazin Fairplay.
    1996 Flaschenteufel was placed fourth; in 1999 Kahuna (KOSMOS) was placed sixth.

    *) = card game award 'best card game 1998'

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