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25th Sep. 05   New Games at Bambus

    At Essen fair I publish Socks in the City a tactic game for two players. The theme is about lost socks. Instead of a box I use a sock for the game material.

    Jam Dudel is a German language game book. The 30 games can be played with less material. The games are for small and big groups, from 2 players up to 100 players.

    I also sell the games of the Suisse company Murmel but only within Germany, f.e. at the Essen fair. The new game 2005 is Haselwurz und Bärenklau (German).

    Glücksritter Spiele was a small game company publishing games in a wodden box. I buyed their games and sell them: Flower Power, Finger weg von Mona Lisa!, Rigatoni Intriganti and Galaxis.
25th Sep. 05   New Adress of Bambus

    Volker Schäfer left the company at 31st August 2005. So Bambus Spieleverlag is now a single person company. I also have a new address:

      Bambus Spieleverlag Günter Cornett - Kopfstraße 43 - 12053 Berlin - Germany

    Volker Schäfers Telephone number is no more valid. My telephone+fax number didn't changed: +49 (0)30 - 6121884.

Kahuna online Turnier

15th Oct.04   Kahuna online tournament

    At 20.11.2004 the 1. official Kahuna-tournament will take place at! Participation is free.

    Please sign up until 15th Nov. 2004 online at or in Essen at our booth (No 1262, hall 12).

    More infos soon at

1st Sept. 04   Interviews by Rick Heli
          on his site        

22nd May 04   New game: Capt'n W. Kidd

    Three tactical games for 2 (2-3) players aged 10 years and up in a numbered first edition.
    more about Capt'n W. Kidd
1st Oct.03   New: Pingvinas

    Pingvinas is smart tactic game for kids and adults.
1st Oct.03   Autoscooter

    We'll republish Autoscooter at Essen fair with a cheaper plan of leatherette (less than 40 Euro).
1st Oct.03   Snelspel nomination

1st Oct.03   Korean Kahuna

    Paperiyagi is a company distributing european and american games (f.e. of Rio Grande) in South Korea. Now they're going to publish a korean issue of Kahuna.

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Bambus history
 02.03. Review by Rick Heli:
Socks in the City
 08.01. English rules online:
Socks in the City
 25.09. New game:
Socks in the City
 25.09. New game book (German): Jam Dudel
 15.10. New game: Chinagold
 22.05. New game: Capt'n W. Kidd
 Nov. New game: Pingvinas


French rules of Arabana-Opodopo and Island-Poker
 25.11. english rules of Arabana-Opodopo
 25.10. french and dutch rules of 'Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde'
 25.10. german rules of Arabana-Opodopo
 15.9. Graphics of 'Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde' at
 1.9. Flaschenteufel review in Games Journal
     9.3. A new Kanaloa review in counter magazine


A new Autoscooter review
 28.11. International Sitemap (Dutch, Spanish, French)
 27.11. Rules and reviews of Kanaloa
 21.6. links for gamers


Rules of 'Welcome To The Circus' ('So Ein Zirkus')
27.8. terms, disclaimer
23.8. Rules of Le Jardin proofread by Rick Heli
14.8. relaunch

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BoardGameArena.comWhile games at played turn by turn and may last weeks or monthes, there are live games at, in French, English, German and 14 other languages (February 2013).

Chinagold is played on a small board with 61 spaces (at 91 spaces).

Kahuna can be played with a variant: playing two cards allows to destroy the own bridge.

tactic blue

tactic blue Game collection: Abande, Accasta and Attangle of Dieter Stein, Attraktion of Jaroslaw Cichocki, Alva of Alvydas Jakliunas and International Draughts. For more information see: tacticblue-online.

Packeis am Pol

Packeis am Pol / Hey That's My Fish!

The game of Alvydas Jakeliunas and Günter Cornett, published 2003 at Bambus Spieleverlag as Pingvinas and since October 2005 at Phalanx as Packeis am Pol. It can be played online at Brettspielwelt.

Chinagold Capt'n W.Kidd

Play  Chinagold + Capt'n W.Kidd on-line
(against human players)

19th January 2005: Kay Wilke completed the online version of Chinagold and Capt'n W. Kidd at (German and English).


Play Flaschenteufel on-line

Thomas Rosanski presents the on-line version of Flaschenteufel at
(both old and new versions).

Among other things, the Thomas Rosanski site also offers Web of Power (Kardinal und König); play it or look for other games on its well-organized list of on-line games, 'Online Spielen'.

Play Kahuna on-line (against human players)

At his page Kay Eckernkamp offers Yucata (Stefan Dorra / Hans im Glück), Transfer (Dieter Hartmann / Perlhuhn) and Kahuna (Günter Cornett / Kosmos) to play on-line.


Play Twilight on-line

In addition to Twilight, also offers the following games for on-line play: Zheng Fen, Tichu, Malefiz, Hyle, Mömmen, TicTacToe, Score Fourt, Chess

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